Recommendations and Testimonials


“Amber is the most kind, caring, and considerate person. She takes the time to really listen and understand what you’re going through. She is a consummate professional and I trust her implicitly. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
~Kait S.


“Amber has a calm, gentle demeanor that was great for me when I was dealing with postpartum anxiety. It also had a calming effect on my daughter, and she taught me some tips that helped build my confidence.”
~Claire J.


“Amber was the light that guided me out of a tunnel of hell that I had been in for a year. She convinced me to stop the torturous nursing and get the help that I so needed. She believed that my PPD was real when some of my closest family told me that I didn’t have PPD. She listened and that’s what I needed most. For that I am so thankful! She really has been an angel to me. So thankful to her for making such an impact in my life.”
~Darlene L.