Amber Koter is a postpartum doula in training, newborn and infant care provider, and the facilitator of the longest running postpartum peer support group in Georgia.  Amber’s passion is balancing her time between gentle and confidential care of families and advocacy work that informs, educates, protects, and affirms all families.

I care for the WHOLE FAMILY. 10 years of experience in maternal mental health, focusing on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, self-care, and the journey into and through motherhood has led me to a career as a Postpartum Doula. My role is to support mothers (and their families) through the transition from pregnancy and birth into the postpartum period and motherhood, whether it be with their 1st child or their 4th. As a postpartum doula, I gently and intuitively work with the mom to care for both her and her baby in the early weeks, which are such a vulnerable and magical time.  I also provide support and resources for a woman’s partner when it is desired.

With a background and degree in education, a passion for online media, experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations including religious institutions, experience in planning large and small events for both adults and children, and advocacy and peer support in the area of mental health and wellness, I bring a variety of skills and resources to my work.

Most of all, I am a CONNECTOR! I love providing families with resources and information and being the vehicle by which people meet and therefore create meaningful relationships. Thanks to my diverse experiences, active lifestyle in Atlanta, and international notoriety in the Maternal Mental Health community, I am a primary go-to for the Mothering and Mental Health community.

My personal goal is to ensure that no parent is isolated in their family experience and that we recreate the “village” in our contemporary society. My connections, gifts, and drive allow me to successfully manage a variety of in-person and online communities, locally, nationally, and across the globe.

Abundant Peace, Amber

Amber lives in Atlanta with her husband and two sons where she volunteers for several local and national maternal mental health organizations.  She is active in Social Media as “Atlanta Mom”.  You may reach her at beyondbirthatl@gmail.com.